First Meeting of the new season 2019-2020

The first meeting of the new season will be on
Sunday 13th October 2019 at 2.30 pm

Philip Walsh will entertain us with song and an illustrated talk about the variety of tasks he has undertaken.

Philip Walsh has been performing, building sets and directing on the Fylde Coast and Preston for over 55 years.
He has attended every G&S Festival and taken part in many Savoynet shows.

News from our secretary

Three items:
a) A reminder of our next meeting on Tuesday April 2nd, at 7.15 pm when David Cookson and his wife Collette Woodhouse will visit us. Collette will demonstrate some aspects of stage makeup including how to transform a young lady to look old. I wonder if she can do it the other way round??!! David will talk about his Company Musical Solutions which produces CDs for performers to learn their part in an opera, much used by amateurs and professionals. And about some original research he has been doing – come and find out what. This evening is aimed at those of us who are audience members as well as those who perform. You may remember David visiting us in December 2017 and his interesting session.

b) When we announced at the March meeting that John Savournin, one of our Vice Presidents, will visit us on Sunday October 13th this year at 2.30 pm I said it had to be confirmed by the Chapel in case they had an event planned for the same afternoon. It has now been confirmed so is a definite date for us: put it in your diary.

c) And our President David Mackie, former assistant MD at D’Oyly Carte and a great Sullivan scholar, will come on Tuesday evening 4th February 2020 to entertain and amuse us with piano playing and talk about his time in D’Oyly Carte, possible interviewed by David Walton, our own Michael Parkinson! Do put that in your diary also. It has also been confirmed by The Cross Street Chapel.

First Meeting of 2019

A reminder that the first meeting in the new year will be on a Sunday

Sunday afternoon 13th January 2019 at 2.30 pm

Martin Lamb (bass baritone) will entertain us with song and information.

He will be accompanied by David Wheeler.
Admission: members £5 visitors £7
The Sheila Taylor meeting.

December 2018 Meeting

Remember that our next meeting will be on Sunday afternoon December 2nd at 2.30 pm for “Any G&S Questions” and bring and share food. There will be a panel of four people – the rest of us will not be expected to answer questions on the spot, but you may be permitted to chip in if you wish, at the discretion of the chairman, who will be John Coates. We have a good number of fascinating questions but others are welcome.

Residential Bookings going fast for Gilbert and Sullivan Convention 2019

We have been advised that bookings are going in very fast for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society Convention in May 2019 and there are only 17 rooms still available.  So if you want to go we strongly advise you to go onto The Gilbert & Sullivan Society website(

Here you can look at the programme and print out the booking form and send it with your deposit of £50 as soon as possible.

You can also book non-residential and stay in another hotel somewhere, but that involves a lot of taxis to and from and I don’t think there is another hotel very near.