December 2018 Meeting

Remember that our next meeting will be on Sunday afternoon December 2nd at 2.30 pm for “Any G&S Questions” and bring and share food. There will be a panel of four people – the rest of us will not be expected to answer questions on the spot, but you may be permitted to chip in if you wish, at the discretion of the chairman, who will be John Coates. We have a good number of fascinating questions but others are welcome.

Residential Bookings going fast for Gilbert and Sullivan Convention 2019

We have been advised that bookings are going in very fast for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society Convention in May 2019 and there are only 17 rooms still available.  So if you want to go we strongly advise you to go onto The Gilbert & Sullivan Society website(

Here you can look at the programme and print out the booking form and send it with your deposit of £50 as soon as possible.

You can also book non-residential and stay in another hotel somewhere, but that involves a lot of taxis to and from and I don’t think there is another hotel very near.